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-"Everyone Wants to be a Cowboy till it's time to do Cowboy Stuff"

Homesteading is a way of life for us, we run well manageable, sustainable cattle operation, cultivating our own coastal, wheat and rye fields.  We know what our cattle consume- we put the hard work into growing the highest quality coastal hay and have well established pastures on which they graze.  We have our eyes on our herds from sunrise to sunset. 

Custom Hay Baling

4 x 6 Round


Field Management Consulting

Land Improvement

Commercial Fertilizer & Herbicide Sales and Application

Tested Top Quality Coastal Hay for Sale 

Fencing/Land Clearing


Barbed Wire




Cattle Guards

Custom Feeders

Portable Calving Sheds

~Built to Suit~

Tree and Brush Clearing


Tank cleanout and building

Cattle Sales

Commercial Replacement Heifers

Top Quality Steers 

Herd Bulls

What our customers are saying

My Family has had a plant based diet, we didn't want to consume beef from mass commercial farmers because the quality is detrimental to our health. After finding this small family farm we are now enjoying grass fed beef for dinner and can see a big difference in the taste. We will never eat grocery store meat again. 

-David & Leah Hernandez      Mesquite, TX

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