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All Natural 100% Grass Fed, Grain Finished Angus Beef

All-Natural Premium Angus Beef.  NO Hormones or Antibiotics.  Home Grown.

Straight from our Farm to the Butcher, NO Feed Lots!  Sustainable.  At RNR Cattle Company, you get to know your beef source personally, which is so important in this day and age.  What you see grazing in our pastures is exactly what you will receive and prepare for your dinner table.  Our cattle rotate on spring and summer coastal fields though the fall months and then are turned in on wheat and native grass fields for the winter months grazing also supplementing a high protein tested coastal hay back through spring. We also feed a 20% all-natural liquid protein & cattle cube with added Vitamin A year-round.  The only ingredients of grain being wheat, barley and some NON-dsGMO corn, baked with molasses.  We do not believe in starving a profit out of our cattle.  The definition of 100% grass fed can be very misleading to the every day consumer.  Our cattle survive on grass, with the supplemental support of added protein of harvested grains from our winter wheat fields.   We only butcher our best steers, top 2% of each calf crop are selected, you are getting our very best, we cull the rest.   We harvest at 1,150-1,250 lbs. and finished out the last 90 days with daily feedings of a 12% protein all natural feed to enhance feed consumption, still always grazing on established coastal grass, wheat or rye fields with free choice minerals to compliment their diet and always having access to fresh water and shade.  We feel this process is what makes our beef so tender and flavorful.  Salt and Pepper is all you would ever want! We could certainly go other routes for a larger return but we have been very successful over the ​years with this method and feel our cattle deserve the highest quality diet we can give them.  We don't short cut folks! We strive for better and better, not "This is good enough". We are a Texas Beef Quality Assurance Certified Ranch, our operations are the very definition of true sustainability, our cattle are forage efficient.  We use a USDA Certified Meat Processing Facility that allows us to ship nationwide.  We dry age our Beef for 21+ days.  Beef supply is limited so please be sure to sign up for our newsletter with updates on our latest harvest schedules.  We can only grow our steers out so quickly, so please keep this in mind when choosing your beef packages.  We only harvest Black Angus steers from our own herds.  Never jeopardizing our quality or customer's peace of mind by outsourcing our cattle to fulfill an order.  That is what sets us apart from the rest.  You will without a doubt know where your beef came from. Delivery and Shipping Available.  

Beef Quarters

Growing Family?? 

Purchase a quarter, half or whole steer.  Pricing based on Hanging weight at time of Harvest @ $8.49/lb.  Our quarters average 180 lbs.  You will receive every cut with purchase of half+

Make room in your deep freezer!


hanging weight total of 720 lbs x $8.49= $3,056.40 half, quarter = $1,528.00

12 lb. Sampler

Great for couples!  $165

The sampler box includes:

2 premium steaks, 4 Tenderized Cube Steaks, 1 Chuck Roast and 4 lbs. of Ground Beef.  Accommodates all fridge/freezer combos.   

30 lb. Variety

Perfect for the busy Mom! $395 

 Variety includes:

6 Premium Steaks

8 Tenderized Cube Steaks

 (chicken fry)

 1 Chuck Roast

1 Loin Tip or Sirloin Steak

Soup/Neck Bones

1 Flank or Skirt Steak (fajitas)

10 lbs. of Ground Beef




What our customers are saying

#KnowYourBeefSource. In the age of additives, solutions, hormones and GMO, this means more now than ever. I have known the source of RNR beef since January 5, 2015 when I meet Neil on the side of the road by the cemetery in Crafton, TX to look at a cow with an infection. From there, through many discussions, I have watched him and Rose build RNR into the best beef you will ever have. They are not a typical feeder where everything goes to the processor. I have stood by Neil when he is selecting cattle for his program and watched him send some steers to the sale barn that most others would love to have in their herd. They also supervise the processing to make sure there is no co-mixing of other beef in the RNR brand.

As far as taste, grass fed with a grain finish combined with excellent genetics leads to very well marbled cuts of beef with a slight earthiness that enhances the natural flavor. The steaks cook over real lump charcoal will rival some of the best streak houses. The roasts will fall apart with just a fork and the ground beef will have so little fat left that draining will only a second.

Full disclosure - I am the veterinarian for RNR Cattle Company as well are many other ranches in North Texas. We purchase our beef from RNR Cattle Company just like everyone else and will continue to do so for as long as Neil and Rose keep processing their cattle.

-Jeff Williams, DVM   Bridgeport, TX

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