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We are passionate about raising cattle!  We have lived in this neck of the woods all of our lives, Proud 7th Generation Texans and natives of Wise County coming from long lines of cattle rancher and farming families.  We are very blessed with the ability to grow and harvest off of our land and fortunate to be able to share our knowledge, skills and of course, our BEEF, with you.  We are full time ranchers, this is not just a hobby for us- it is our livelihood, it is who we are, it runs deep in our blood.  It is really the only life we know and we wouldn't trade for it.  We have a true sense of pride in our homesteading operations.  We are a working ranch not a factory. We cultivate, cut and bale our own forage for grazing and feeding.  Our cattle rotate on over 3,000 acres of coastal, wheat and native grass fields in Wise and Clay County, we intimately know and evaluate every animal we raise and what they consume from birth to harvest.  Our herds of Black Angus cattle are well established, and never EVER outsourced from cattle brokers or sale barns.  We only butcher our very best steers, the top 2%, we keep our best and cull the rest!  We maintain true sustainability with livestock health and pasture management, in turn granting us with a manifold of grasses for our cattle grazing diets.   We have submersed ourselves into every aspect of ranching and farming and because of this we can undoubtedly say you know what you are getting when you call on RNR Cattle Company.  We are committed to the highest standard of proven genetics and beef quality.  Never compromising our ethics or practices.  Come see us and really get to know your beef source!

We are honored to serve as your beef source,

Neil, Rose, Ryon, Riser & Ridge Richey

Proverbs 12:10-11

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100% Grass Fed, Grain Finished, All Natural, Premium Angus Beef.


Specializing in Commercial Angus Replacement Heifers and Top Quality Steers.


Custom Hay Baling


Cattle Services

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Our customers love our All Natural Grass Fed and Grain Finished Angus Beef.

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